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The Legend

In 1992, Marco was born on the underside of a treacherous mountain overhang. Having just exited the womb it was clear to him that his first mission was to survive as he watched his Mother and Father paraglide off the cliffside. Without the essential tools to survive on the desolate mountain, Marco had to learn valuable survival skills. During his journey to find salvation he came across several other abandoned legendary babies. Together they conquered the mountain, peak by peak, with Marco as their fearless leader.

Today, he stands before you as Marco, the Magnificent.

  • Marco Chiang
    Magician - Specializing in MagiTech

    Marco graduated with a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering in the Class of 2014 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
    His experiences include software engineering, web development, computer repair, and professional dancing.
    He now builds creative solutions at Apple and films comedic skits with The Roomies Skits.


Should I Choose to Accept


Launch a company and a culture. Create a revolutionary product or solution. Build something that people will want and love to use. Become the next Apple.


Connect people in a natural and effortless way. Together we can protect the environment and the world as we know it by eliminating wasteful activities and behaviors.


Inspire others as I have been inspired by others. Find beauty and good will in everything that is life. Continue to smile and look ahead towards tomorrow.


Collaborate with the passionate and bright minds of our generation. Continue to meet new people everyday. Build a better and brighter future.



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